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এক নজরে ইংরেজি সাহিত্যিকদের উপাধি

Tile:                                                        Name:

Father of English —-   Geoffrey Chaucer

Founder of English Prose —- Alfred the Great

Father of English Prose —-   William Tyndale

Father of English Tragedy —-   Christopher Marlowe

Father of English Novel —-   Henry Fielding

Father of Revenge Tragedy —-   Thomas Kyd

Father of English Essay —-   Francis Bacon

Master of English Satire —-   Jonathan   Swift

Father of  Modern  English Literature —-  G.B Shaw

Father of Short Story —-  Edger Allen Poe

Father of Metaphysical Poetry —-  John Donne

Father of   Science  Fiction —- Jules Verne

Father of Romanticism —- Wordsworth and Coleridge

Father of the Sonnet —- Petrarch

The First Sonneteer in English Literature —-  Sir Thomas Wyatt

The First Compiler of Dictionary —-  Samuel Johnson

Bard Of Avon —-  William Shakespeare

Well know for dramatic Monologue —- Robert Browning

Poet of Poets —- Edmund Spencer

Mock-Heroic Poet —-   Alexander Pope

Poet of Nature —-   William Wordsworth

Poet of Supernaturalism —- S.T Coleridge

Poet of Beauty —-  John Keats

Rebel Poet —- Lord Byron

Representative of Victorian  Age —-  Alfred Tennyson

Anti-romantic Novelist of Romantic Period —-  Jane Austen.