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Abbreviation & Elaboration

Abbreviation & Elaboration >>> 

ATM – Automated Teller Machine.

B2B – Business to business.

BOP – Balance of Payments.

BOT – Balance of Trade.

CEO – Chief Executive Officer.

CFO – Chief Financial Officer.

CIO – Chief Information Officer.

COA – Chart of Account.

TAC – Total Average Value.

VAT – Value Added Tax.

LC – Letter of Credit.

Ltd – Limited Company.

GDP – Gross Domestic Product.

GDI – Gross Domestic Income.

NDI – Net Domestic Income.

GNP – Gross National Product.

GNI – Gross National Income.

NNI – Net National Income.

PPC –  Production Possibility Curve.

CPI – Consumer Price Index.

PPI – Producer Price Index.

CPU – Cost Per unit.

OC – Opportunity  Cost.

DC – Depreciation Cost.

DD –  Demand Deposit.

TD – Time Deposit.

CCA – Capital Consumption Allowances.

MDG – Millennium Developed Goal.

SDG – Sustainable Developed Goal.

DSE –  Direct Selling Agent.

ECS – Electronic Clearing System.

EXIM – Export Import Bank.

FDI –   Foreign Direct Investment.

JSC – Joint Stock Company.

IBPS – Inter Bank Mobile Payments Service.

IRR – Internal Rate of Return.

NDMA – National Disaster Management.

GO – Government Organization.

IGO – International Government Organization.

NGO – Non-Government Organization.

INGO – International Non-Government.

BRAC – Bangladesh Rehabilitation Assistance Committee.

BRAC – Bangladesh  Rural Advancement  Committee.

PPP – Purchasing Power Parity.

PRSP – Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers.

PPP – Public Private Partnership.

SME – Small Micro Enterprises.

EPZ – Export Processing Zone.

BEPZA – Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority.

SEZ – Special Economic Zones.

EEZ – Exclusive Economic  Zones.

CPA – Central Planning Authority.

ECNE – Executive Committee of the National Economic Council.

LDC – Least Developed Countries.

SAARC – South Asian Association Regional Cooperation.

ASEAN – Association  of South  East Asian Nations.

EU – European Union.

AU – African Union.

G-8 – Group of Eight.

D-8 – Developing Eight.

APEC – Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation.

NAFTA – North American Free Trade Agreement

CIDA – Canadian International Development Agency.

ADB – Asian Development  Bank.

NAFTA – North American Free Trade Association.

CARE – Cooperation for Assistance and Relief Everywhere.

IDB – Islamic Development  Bank.

ADBI – Asian Development  Bank Institute.

AIIB – Asian Infrastructure Bank.

BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa

IMF – International Monetary Fund.

WB – World Bank.

IBRD – International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank).

FAO – Food and Agricultural Organization.

WTO – World Trade Organization.

ILO – International Labor Organization.

IDA – International Development Association.

ECI – Economic Cooperation Organization.

OECD – Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

OPEC – Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries.

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