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Applications are being invited from the permanent residents of the Kushtia district for a self-filled job in the prescribed application.

Kushtia has had an undisputed reputation as the cultural capital of Bangladesh since time immemorial.

That is, Kushtia used to produce a lot of jute at one time. Jute was called ‘Koshta’ or ‘Kushti’ in the local language, from which the name Kushtia comes. According to some, Kushtia is named after the Persian word ‘Kushtah’ which means ash island.

There is also an opinion that the city of Kushtia originated around the port of Kushtia during the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan.

Kushtia was under Natore zamindari in 1825 and its introduction came under the inclusion of civil administration in the Rajshahi faujdari of Kandanagar pargana. Later, the British East India Company annexed Kushtia to Jessore district in 18 AD.

But in 1826 it was again included in the Pabna district. The Kushtia subdivision was established in 181 due to the Blue Rebellion and in 181 the Kushtia subdivision with Kumarkhali and Khoksa thanas became Nadia.

Before the partition of the Indian subcontinent, Kushtia was a subdivision under Nadia district. Kushtia district was established in 1947.

At that time Kushtia district consisted of 3 subdivisions. Namely: Kushtia, Chuadanga and Meherpur. When Chuadanga and Meherpur were separated as separate districts in 1984, the present Kushtia district was formed with 6 thanas of the Kushtia subdivision.

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Kushtia district is bordered by Rajshahi, Natore, and Pabna districts on the northwest and north bank of Padma river, Jhenaidah district on the south, Meherpur and Chuadanga districts on the west and Nadia and Murshidabad districts of India, and Rajbari district on the east. Kushtia has a border area of ​​48.89 km with India.

Address for submission of application form:

Deputy Commissioner’s Office, Kushtia.

Last date for sending application: 30 December 2021

Places of interest in Kushtia:

Kuthibari of Rabindranath Tagore: The distance from Kushtia city to Rabindranath’s cottage is about 20 kilometers. From Kushtia city, auto-rickshaws, CNG, and easy bikes and other vehicles can be easily and cheaply transported to Shilaidaha Kuti Bari.

Shrine of Baul Emperor Lalon Shah: The spiritual devotee took refuge in Lalon Shah’s Chheuriya in Kumarkhali and later after his death in Chheuriya, a Milan kshetra (akhara) was built at the place of his burial. Fakir Lalon Shah’s disciples and countless Baulkuls from home and abroad gathered at this arena on special dates and celebrated the festival.

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