4 and a half thousand UPs are coming under broadband

4 and a half thousand unions are coming under high-speed broadband connectivity.
State Minister for Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palk, said this while
joining online to inaugurate the work of establishing broadband connectivity at the union
level in the areas deprived of telecommunication facilities on Sunday.

At that time 21 union zooms of 13 Upazilas were connected online. The state minister for ICT said high-speed fiber optic cable connectivity has already reached about 3600 unions in the country.

High-speed internet connectivity will be extended to 618 Union Digital
Centers in remote areas through the ICT Department’s ‘Connected Bangladesh’
project and the construction of its core infrastructure will be completed this year.

He said 1,200 unions in the country through BTCL and 2,800 unions under Computer
Council’s Info Sarkar 3 project has been provided internet connection through fiber optics.

Aiming to build a skilled human resource, Palak said there would be one
‘School of Future’ model school in each parliamentary seat, where student attendance, teacher attendance, their class attendance, their course curriculum would all be online.
In addition, in their ‘School of Future’ lab, they will be able to
receive hands-on learning about Frontier Technology.

Later, the state minister inaugurated the work of establishing broadband
connectivity at the union level.