Again Back Admission test of DU and seven colleges

Considering the rise of corona infection, the admission test for the first
year of graduation (honors) of Dhaka University for the academic year 2020-21 has
been postponed again.
According to the new date, the admission test will start
from October 1. Admission test of Dhaka University as well as seven government
colleges of the affiliated capital have also been postponed.
The test will start on October 29.

ASM Maqsood Kamal, vice-chancellor (education) of the university, told that the
date of admission test of Dhaka University and seven affiliated colleges has been
changed in the meeting of the Deans Committee considering the Corona situation.

According to the new decision, this year’s admission test of Dhaka University will
start on October 1 with the examination of the ‘A’ unit of the Faculty of Science.

Then on October 2, the examination will be held in the ‘B’ unit of the Faculty
of Arts, on October 9 in the ‘Unit’ of the Faculty of Fine Arts (multiple choice),

on October 22 in the ‘C’ unit of the Faculty of Business Education and on October 23
in the ‘D’ unit of the Faculty of Social Sciences.
From September 11, students seeking admission will be able to download the
admission form from the Dhaka University website.

Besides, the admission test of seven colleges has also been postponed.
Admission test of seven colleges will start on October 29 through
science unit Then on October 30 the Arts and Social Sciences Unit and on November 5
the Commerce Unit will be held.

With this, the date of the admission test of Dhaka University was postponed in the third phase. According to the date announced in the first phase, the test was scheduled to be held from May 21 to June 5, but it was changed on April 29 due to the Corona situation.

On that day it was decided to conduct the examination from 31st July to 14th August. Today that too was changed.

According to the latest decision, each unit of Dhaka University will have a total
of 120 admission tests this time. There will be 100 marks in the main examination
(multiple choice and written) and a total of 20 marks out of 10 on the results of
SSC and HSC examinations.
Admission tests of A, B, C, and D units will have multiple choice of 60 marks
and written part of 40 marks.

There will be 45 minutes for both parts. However, 30 minutes will be allotted for
multiple-choice examinations and 45 minutes will be allotted for written tests.
The test will be held in the centers of different divisional cities of the country from 11 am to 12 noon on the scheduled date.

Applications for the five units of Dhaka University started on March 7 and lasted
till March 31 In all, more than 3 lakh 20 thousand students have applied to take
part in the admission test at Dhaka University.

All the information and instructions regarding the admission test of
seven colleges will be available

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