Facebook’s new feature to prevent hacking


Who is popular on Facebook can be understood by looking at the likes,
reactions, and comments of their posts. But there are still some security and privacy
issues. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, I’ll tell ya.

Facebook has come up with a new feature called User Privacy,
which is called Reaction Preferences.

Regarding user privacy, Jennifer Alam, Director, JR Technology, told that this
option of Facebook is very important; especially for girls.
Usually, people who are very close to the users give a profit according to their
posts and react according to different posts

So in that case but if a hacker or a miscreant follows them, they will easily
understand who is the closest person to his victim, who is the victim with whom he
interacts the most.

So such a novelty of Facebook can be applauded And those who want to maintain privacy will be encouraged to use this feature
on Facebook.

Those who want to use this feature will open the Facebook app from mobile and go
directly to the settings option, then scroll down to the bottom of the settings option and you will see an option called ‘Reaction Preferences’; By clicking there, you can hide who liked and reacted to your post.

And those who want to do it from the Facebook website, first go to ‘Settings and
Privacy’, then go to ‘News Feed Preferences’ and ‘Reaction preferences’, you can
select the option of your choice.